October 25, 2021

Go on vacation with the new TFOU iPad app

An unlimited and free application

But one thing is certain, parents will not have to forget the new TFOU app for the iPad. Thanks to this application all the family will be able to watch the best of TF1's youth programs and discover exclusive bonuses concerning the video. Children will also be able to play without being connected to original games created for children. Finally fun activities and perfect for departures on vacation.

From today, you will be able to find a free video offer that allows you to see or review the many bonuses and flagship programs of TFOU in full when you want and where you want. Note that access to videos requires a 3G or Wifi connection. The TFOU application can only be used in France.

Activities for departures on vacation

The application offers four new and innovative games in the playful and sassy spirit of TFOU. They have been specially created so that the small ones but also the biggest ones are entertained. It is :

- Piggy Cache Cache! Your children will be able to find the Piggy in the different scenery.

- The bath of the ducks The mission of your children will be to help the valiant duck to defend their bathtub against the animals that want to take their place.

- The room in madness ! You have to put things in the right baskets and pay attention to the bombs that make everything explode.

- The Thu Scrabble Junior.

The TFOU app is for children aged 4 to 12 and their parents who have an iPad of course. All the family will be able to navigate in a colorful graphic universe thanks to tactile navigation.

TFOU is also on the web

The youth site is composed of three complementary sites adapted to the age and needs of Internet users: child 3-6 years, children aged 7 and over and TFOU family.


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