August 12, 2020

Golden Globes 2012: Charlize Theron, retro princess

A band of white diamonds surrounding her blonde hair tied in a fuzzy bun on the side, Charlize Theron was one of the beauty queens on the Golden Globes red carpet this weekend. This is not saying a lot given the density of hollywodian bombs per square meter, from Angelina Jolie to Natalie Portman through Claire Danes. At 36, the one who will soon play the queen in a new adaptation of Snow White (alongside Kristen Stewart in the title role) is not a stepmother.

Bright and incredibly elegant, it combines a hairstyle trend already oldschool (the headband of retro hair made its comeback two years ago, it is almost outdated!) with the it-hairstyle of this year, the little bun knotted on the side. Its golden blondness, its iridescent eyes and perfect complexion complete the faultless.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2012 Hair Tutorial (August 2020)