April 19, 2024

Good deals Fashion: I become a World-Shopper

We Web-shoppe brands that are not found in France: Finished tears discovering the little blouse cheap and designed by Miss Kate Moss, herself for the famous British Top Shop! From now on the site delivers in France. In addition, the British Pound does not scare us anymore. Thank you crisis!
We also love the trendy and fun creations for our Urban Outfitters wallet. Nice, the site has even thought of French customers by devoting a page of explanations to be delivered home.
-It uses his girlfriends globe-trotteuses : to the one who goes on a trip to New York, it is ordered (not without giving him pennies before his departure): pairs of Converse (cheaper there), a dress $ 19, found on the Old Navy site (the less expensive little sister of Gap), a cargo of indestructible t-shirts from Fruit of the loom ...
To those who go to Asia, we entrust our favorite skirt for a local seamstress to duplicate it in another color and for a small fee.
The trick super plus! Some US merchant sites only accept payment cards from their nationals. No panic! The website //www.myus.com/ takes care of everything! It settles your orders, groups their shipment with discounts of shipping costs of up to 80% and guarantee very short delivery times (from 1 to 4 days).

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