April 10, 2021

Good manners and politeness: it concerns children too!

At what age to start ?
Less known than the period of the "no", the "9 - 18months" of a child are the perfect time to start learning some polite rules to your child. He begins to gain autonomy and even if he does not speak yet, do not hesitate to pronounce the expressions of politeness in well identified moments so that it associates naturally gestures and speech. Whether he offers you his drawing or you ask him not to touch an object, the main thing is that he understands the verbal code of these situations to be able to reproduce them.

Firmness does not mean wickedness
From 2 to 3 years, if he masters the "no" so well it is to better test your patience and the firmness of your limits: without turning into a policeman, the insurance you will show in front of yourschild should dissuade him from going further. Take the time to calmly explain the reasons for your refusal, trusting him to understand. He will feel reassured and will not question your authority. Be that as it may, rest assured on one point: your child will not love you less if you set limits!

Simple and fun rules
Appreciated by all children, the game is a privileged moment to teach them some simple examples of etiquette while having fun. Waiting for a turn, respecting the rules of the game, accepting to lose or playing as a team, some of the lessons they can learn and practice at home or at school without effort!

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