June 5, 2020

Good pregnancy plans: getting cheaper while waiting for baby

Call on friends
Remember, of course, first of all to recover from your surroundings what is no longer useful. This is particularly the case for clothing, which can only be worn a few weeks before baby does not go to the next size. Remember to take a photo of the lots entrusted to you by labeling them with the name of the person who lends them to you, so that you can easily return them later.

Buy a second hand
The classifieds ( are full of good deals near you. If it is furniture, check that everything is in good condition, including mattresses: they will eventually be replaced if they have been used too much.

For the stroller, big item of expense, make sure it has been stored in a non-smoking home, well maintained, that it has been used only for a child and that it never had an accident. Otherwise, the cushions may have been too saggy for your toddler, and the safety of the car seat is no longer guaranteed.

Buy in supermarkets
You will also find strollers new low-cost products during special promotions in major baby-care chains or hypermarkets. These are rarely known brands, but they normally have all the necessary safety certifications.
Ikea also offers a range quite complete to accommodate baby, with furniture, textiles and even toys. Once again, everything is up to European and French standards!

Claim gifts!
Finally, do not hesitate to be offered the rest! Rather than a frog too small after a month, ask for a birth gift a nice bath thermometer, the bed of your dreams, a comforting night light or even a baby carrier ... For this, open a birth list on the internet (for example on or it is the easiest way to clearly communicate your needs and desires to your family!

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