June 25, 2022

Good reasons to ride a bike

A non-traumatic sport
Cycling is an excellent sport in the sense that it is a "worn" sport. The weight of the body is, in fact, supported by the saddle. This makes it a non-traumatic activity for the joints. Unlike jogging, for example, which causes each stride of microtrauma in the lower limbs.

The benefits for the heart
To feel the benefits of bike, regular practice is necessary. The ideal, according to Dr. Porte, would be to do it at least twice a week by traveling about twenty kilometers each way out.
Driving at a moderate pace makes the heart work in good conditions and thus helps to nourish the muscles with oxygen. It is important to go at your own pace to respect the limits of your heart. You should not be out of breath when you pedal, except of course on a long climb.
As your physical strength improves, the effects should be felt quickly (eg climbing stairs, carrying packages).

The benefits for the traffic 
The bike activates the blood circulation in the legs. It is also highly recommended for people with circulatory problems, as well as those who have a few extra pounds, they will suffer neither joints nor bones.
As for the fear of seeing your calves develop a little too much, "it's a myth, smiles Gérard Porte, because at bike we do not work in force. Pedaling allows you to draw your muscles. "

The right equipment
- Choose a bike is a matter of taste. It is up to each to find the ideal model, adapted to its morphology, but also to its utility. If you like long leisurely strolls, if you want to go all-terrain or even if you live in a very hilly area, you will not opt ​​for the same bike. Some, especially mountain bikes, can sometimes seem to hurt your neck. But do not worry, if you go slowly your body will adapt very quickly.
- If the wearing of the helmet is not mandatory in France, it is strongly recommended because in case of fall it will protect you.
- For sensitive buttocks, there are more specific saddles for women, wider at the back. Do not hesitate to adopt the shorts, certainly not very aesthetic, but appreciable during long walks.
- The wearing of gloves sometimes makes the handling of the handlebars more pleasant and avoids the appearance of calluses inside the hands.

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