December 1, 2021

Good reasons to swim

The advantage of this sport endurance is that you can practice it at any age and in a very free way, without registering in a club. Going to a pool is easy. Before you list all the benefits of this discipline, we remind you some tips to enjoy your session:
- remember to drink well before, during and after a session at the pool.
- Always take a shower afterwards to minimize the risk of fungal infections and do not forget to wear shoes when you are not in the water, clappers or flip-flops. The wearing of the cap is also recommended, even mandatory in some pools.
- if your eyes are fragile, opt for glasses and if it's your ears, put caps.
- do not force unnecessarily, if the tiredness wins you stop.


The benefits on:
In the water your muscles and your joints are more gently applied. Swimming brings deep muscle relaxation, while strengthening and developing the muscles of the whole body: thighs, legs, back, shoulders and arms.
Breaststroke, crawl, backstroke ... to each his swimming, but beware: for those who suffer from the back it is better to opt for the back crawl or crawl because the breaststroke tends to maltreat the cervical and lumbar.


The heart and the breath
This sport Endurance is excellent for the cardiovascular system, it gently muscles the heart and improves the breath by increasing the respiratory capacity.
Swimming perfectly completes a activity more physically supported like tennis or volleyball.


The well-being
Swimming provides a very pleasant feeling of massage, which also allows during a regular practice, to really refine the body. You will also feel lighter, your small muscle or joint sores disappearing for a few lengths.
Another positive point recognized: its anti-stress role. The relaxation that provides water allows a real relaxation of tension.


100 Reasons to Swim (December 2021)