February 22, 2020

Gourmet and slim, my snack slimming fruity

The interest of fruits at taste
Overall, the bulk of fruits is low in calories and most are great appetite suppressants! They contain many slow sugars, perfect for recharging energy and holding up to dinner without the slightest hollow. In addition, the sugar of fruits, called fructose, does not cause insulin spike, thus avoiding sudden impulses for a sweet food. The fibers present in fruits and more particularly in fruits dry as prunes, apricots, grapes ... accelerate the transit and swell in the stomach, causing a feeling of satiety faster.

Fruit tasting: the winning combination
If the fruits are part of the reasoned choices for the elaboration of a snack, one can of course mix them with other products in order to diversify the contributions. Be careful, however, not to swallow a strawberry pie on the grounds that it is composed of various ingredients. Also avoid associations fruits - fresh cream or fruits - syrup, this would only have a negative effect on your figure, so prefer a little bit of cheese white 0% to accompany them. Some recipe ideas *:

- cheese white 0% (20% max) + 1 tbsp un-bulging muesli + 1 kiwi + tea
- 1 fishing + 1 cheese white + 3 to 4 small butter + water
- 50g of strawberries + 1 yoghurt at 0% + 1 green tea


Good to know :
All fruits are not equal and some are more carbohydrate than others. Better to favor melon, grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries or clementines than cherries, bananas and grapes and plums.
* extracts from the book My breakfasts and magical snacks by Anne-Sophie Luguet-Saboulard, Leduc's edition


Skinny Veggie Fruit & Cheese Snack Recipe - BEXLIFE (February 2020)