October 25, 2021

Green mother, the good gestures

Eat organic
Enjoy the arrival of baby to take stock of the eating habits of the whole family. - Breastfeed your child : There is nothing more natural than breast milk, so do not hesitate! At the same time, you will transmit antibodies to your body. babyyou will not contribute to the mess of packaging and you will save a lot of money!
- Choose fresh fruits and vegetables from organic farming. In markets, find small producers of products organic : their displays are less flattering than their competitors, the prices are higher, but the products are so much better to taste and for your health that it's worth it.
- Adopt a filter jug ​​(Brita type): no savings in sight, but you will throw less plastic and your shopping will be lighter.
Switch to recycle mode
Visit the depots-sales: you will find used clothing and childcare equipment in very good condition.
Make the tour of your acquaintances: your mother will be happy to entrust you with your cradle of baby and your girlfriends, already moms, will offer you real treasure.
Become a flea marketer: you'll find furniture for children and toys at broken prices. You will take the opportunity to give the opportunity to your trinkets, stored at the bottom of the cellar for years, to live a new life and bring you a few euros.
Wash organic
We convert to washable diapers, which in addition to being environmentalists, have the advantage of making you save money.
Say halts to the wipes, without complex, since the pediatric nursery nurses recommend to make the change of baby with lukewarm and slightly soapy water if stool is important. Book disposable diapers and wipes for your daily commute or vacation.
Select shampoos, creams and other products for baby in the cosmetology lines bios, which have become affordable and referenced almost everywhere.
Exit detergents, washing powders and ultra polluting softeners and cutaneous allergy triggers. To respect the environment and your health, clean with clay stone, wash your laundry with soap nuts and perfume it with a few drops of essential oil.

Travel green
Kill two birds with one stone baby, "So that he takes the air" while doing your daily grocery shopping (baguette ...).
Invest in a seat child that you will install on your bike: you will find your line while doing a gesture for the planet.
For your leisure trips, opt for public transport: metro, bus, train ... For example, to go to Disneyland Paris, prefer the RER: you arrive directly at the gates of the park and do not plug to leave the parking lot. evening.
Try carpooling with a mom from your company: you will have the same imperatives schedules.

null ::: To link the fun to practice, there are even video games whose purpose is to pick up the garbage left on the sidewalk and throw in the good trash.

null ::: ... electricity. Get used to your childfrom an early age, to sleep in the dark or with a night light low consumption. If you want to reassure him, sing him a lullaby and / or equip his musical mobile (as well as all his toys) rechargeable batteries.

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