July 5, 2020

Gynecologists protest against commercial ultrasound

It is perfectly legitimate to want to capture the charm and beauty of these magical moments. But because there is a but! Expectant moms must above all keep a cool head for the health of the future infant. It's not always the case ! On the web, French gynecologists and obstetricians have decided to point out commercial offers of ultrasounds intended to give parents the first images of their child in 3 or 4 dimensions with video.

The National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) has launched a "coup de mueu" against the commercial offers of ultrasounds. According to the CNGOF, "just click on the internet to find commercial ultrasound offers for women pregnant"They are offered, in Paris and in 4 to 5 provincial cities, for prices ranging from 60 to 140 euros for ultrasound in 3 or 4 dimensions with video," he added.

These ultrasound scans, which have no medical purpose as opposed to pregnancy follow-up exams, may lead to exposure of the future baby ultrasound "for half an hour," said Professor Jacques Lansac, who chairs the National Commission for Obstetric and Fetal Ultrasound. This exhibition, which "focuses on the face and genitals", is "very different" from medical ultrasound, where the ultrasound beam is constantly displaced, with a brief exposure of each area. "The thermal and mechanical effects of ultrasound are not necessarily innocuous," he continued, especially for the brain and the eye.

"We must reserve the ultrasound to people who know how to use it, doctors and midwives," he said. Professor Jacques Lansac explained that a 1962 text reserved the use of radiography for health professionals, but did not deal with ultrasound, which did not exist at the time. Health professionals are still waiting for the publication of a decree amending this text, he added. Will it be necessary to wait for the publication of cases of deleterious effect of the strong fetal ultrasonic exposures to stop these commercial practices? asks the CNGOF. At a time when we point the finger (...) the risks of using mobile phones for children, "it's grotesque" judged Professor Jacques Lansac.

4D Ultrasound taken on a GE voluson e. Baby Ultrasound clinic, North wing of SM Cebu. (July 2020)