December 10, 2023

Hair and vegetable care: the coloring

You too have surely already found yourself in panic in front of the mirror, coloring supermarket by hand, with the impression of unsheathing once more a weapon of capillary destruction. Not to mention your nostrils, attacked by the smell of ammonia, and the eyes that tingle.
Yes, the colorations chemicals are good at repairing emergency hair white. But the more often they are applied, the more hair are attacked. The fault, among others, with ammonia, resorcinol or nonoxinol. Terms that are not barbaric on the label.
Plant coloring at home
You are tempted to resort for the first time to a coloring plant to make at home? Attention, plan a longer exposure time. Who says herbal ingredients said need to let them pose longer to give them time to color the hair. Count sometimes up to 45 minutes of installation.
To maximize your chances of succeeding your first coloring plant, the best is to stop several months before the application of synthetic products. Hairdressing professionals also advise the application of a detoxifying mask to the clay to remove residues and traces of old colorations and boost your scalp again. In summary: you prepare the ground.
Good to know before coming to the plant
You have little hair whites, if at all? All the better. The coloring vegetable will allow you to get nice shades and coppery highlights. On the other hand, if you have a lot of hair white, forget the uniform result. Vegetable colo covers the hair by transparency. It does not alter the structure of the hair in any way colorations permanent. To find an intermediate solution, ask a hairdresser specialized in vegetable dyeing. It will offer you alternatives, or even propose a complete beauty diagnosis.
Daily care

The coloring While plant has many virtues, it is not the miracle solution to all your hair problems.
The years of colorations chemicals, used frequently, will not fade away as if by magic. On the other hand, if you regularly use care to nourish and hydrate your hair, chances to reconcile with your mane will be optimized.
Also remember to go under the chisel every one or two months to cut your spikes. The regrowth will be better. In summer, avoid as much as possible styling products that weigh down, dry the tips and attack the hair. Finally, never forget that good hair health also goes through the plate! A healthy and balanced diet can give a boost to your hair.

Vegetable vs. Chemical Hair Coloring : Hair Care & Styling (December 2023)