August 16, 2022

Hair: Blondes, again and again!

France has 4.9 million blondes, or one in five women, according to a study TNS Worldpanel made public this Friday. Among them, 52% are fake blondes, and 31% are blond highlights to be even more blond. These women, in the color of hair Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot spend more on cosmetics than the average.

The blondes, many of whom announce the future disappearance, are resisting. The blond is the second color of hair most represented in France, after the chestnut. Originally, 84% of false blondes were also brown. In the end, 30% of blondes are natural blondes who do not use any color.

Whether true or false, blondes spend a lot on their appearance. They have an annual budget of 216 euros in cosmetics, an above average figure (201 euros). They also do more facial and body care for professionals than average, as well as more manicures. Red women, however, are the most expensive in the field of beauty.

If they spend a lot of money on cosmetics, they spend less on hygiene products. For example, they consume less deodorant, shower products and depilatories. They also have fewer skin problems, such as acne and dandruff, and less developed hair growth. According to Cécile Pasquet of TNS Worldpanel, "the favorite weapons of blondes are, first and foremost, the makeup, the care products and the hair products that make up their beauty kit".

Finally, blondes tend to be thinner than women of other colors. hair. They are more likely to have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25, that is, "normal".

This TNS Worldpanel study was based on the responses of 13,100 women to a questionnaire on the nature of the skin and hair.

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