July 5, 2020

Hair care: how to protect them at the beach?

When summer is here, one of the main concerns of many women is to go sunbathe on the beach and take a dip from time to time to cool off. If playing mermaids with a tanned complexion becomes a main objective, do not forget to take good care of your hair. You may have a healthy look, if your hair is dull, raplapla and dry, it will not help. The sun's rays and the wind tend to weaken the hair fiber by drying it out. Just like the keratin contained in the hair. As for UV, they oxidize and thin the hair while sand and seawater are very abrasive. This can quickly give hair dry and particularly difficult to comb. It is therefore essential to shrink and protect the fiber to limit breakage.

All bet on oil
You can not stop progress ! And it also involves new (beautiful) inventions that best protect our hair from the effects of the sun and the sea. Also, this summer, during the exhibition, we put everything on hair oils. Very different from dry oils for the body, they have been developed specifically to meet the hair's needs. They contain moisturizing principles as well as UV filters to protect against the harmful effects of the sun. In general, these oils are also water resistant for optimal protection. Some also combine several actions like the Protective Oil with olive wax, anti-salt and anti-chlorine Phytoplage. It nourishes, moisturizes, softens and protects. Like the Mythic Oil Color Glow from L'Oréal Professionnel, which thanks to its UV filter is the ideal protection for colored hair.

We attach the hair
During the exhibition, all means are good to avoid breakage. Well almost. So, we do not hesitate to tie the hair or braiding before going to bathe and refresh in the salt water. Raising its length limits the risks associated with exposure and sea salt because the water makes the hair fiber more sensitive. The must: apply a hair oil and make a braided just after to make the product work well. You can also wear a hat. In addition to protecting your face, it will help your hair not be directly exposed to harmful UV rays.

We wash and moisturize just after

When you come back from the beach, certainly the loops obtained thanks to the sea air and water are very pretty, but repetitively, hello the damage. It is therefore essential to wash your hair back from the beach with, ideally, a shampoo special after-sun like the Shampoo renovator-protector - Solar Sublime by L'Oréal Professionnel. Every other day, a mask is also applied, preferably based on shea for dry hair. For colored hair, Davines Nanny Nourishing Illuminating Mask with tomato extract is recommended.