October 21, 2020

Hair Care: the madness of keratin products

What is keratin?
Keratin is a protein located in the very thickness of the hair fiber. It consists of long chains combining 18 amino acids. It is the organization of these chains with helicoidal shapes that ensures the exceptional strength of the hair and its ability to relax and return to its original shape
like a spring. The more the hair is exposed to aggression, the more the keratin wears out.
However, it does not know how to self-repair, so it is important to rebuild the internal matter of the hair by providing keratin.

The usefulness of keratin shampoos
The repetition of the aggressions on the hair causes wear of the cuticle and the lifting of the scales. The amino acid chains that make up keratin eventually break up, destroying keratin.
A shampoo keratin-based is therefore particularly welcome to fill this gap.
It gently cleans and respects sensitized hair while restoring the inner material of the hair fiber. The hair is soft, silky and more resistant.

Shopping :
-Phytokeratin Phyto-Shampoo. Bottle 200 ml.14?
-Shampoo bio-True Keratin. Bottle 118 ml. 14.90? (on sale on the brand website)
- Ultimate Keratin-Fabio Salsa Shampoo. Bottle 250 ml. 12? (on sale at licensed hair salons)
-Shampoo Strongin-Biocyte Keratin. Bottle 150 ml. 17?
-Shampoo nutrition reinforced Shea / Keratin-Camille Albane. Bottle 250 ml. 17?

Care with keratin
To act in depth on the nature of your hair, nothing like a good mask based on keratin. Make one every time you wash your hair and let it sit for 5 minutes on well wrung hair, always avoiding the roots to not make your scalp fat.
Once your hair has been rinsed and wrung out, apply a serum or a spray-care composed of keratin, on the lengths and points then dry them. The heat of the hair dryer will allow the product to penetrate better into your hair and keratin to spread better. The product will also protect your hair from the heat of the hair dryer by sheathing it.

-Mask reinforced nutrition Shea / Keratin-Camille Albane. Pot 200 ml. 27?
-Mask Elsève Total Repair. Pot 200 ml. 4.47?
-Sense Ultimate Keratin-Fabio Salsa spray. Bottle 200 ml. 15.80? (on sale at licensed hair salons)
Phytokeratin-Phyto spike repair serum. Pump bottle 30 ml. 25?

Food supplements
To strengthen and give even more thickness to your hair, you can simply ingest keratin! Biocyte laboratories are the only ones to have developed food supplements based on pure keratin. They got it from the sheep wool of New Zealand (yes, yes!). At 2 capsules per day, the results are there after 2 months.

-Kelatin strong capsules. Box of 40 capsules. 29?


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