June 23, 2024

Hair extensions: posing in a hairdressing salon

An extension wick is ...
a set of hair gathered at a point of attachment composed of keratin. The finer your hair is, the smaller the caliber of this point of attachment, and the lighter wick to not over-shoot your hair. hair natural and avoid breakage especially!
How to make sure of the quality of the locks?
A quality lock is composed only of hair natural. The average price is 5-6 euros. Below, mistrust: often hair Synthetics were mixed with the natural ones. The problem with hair synthetic is that they tarnish quickly. Result: after a few weeks, your hair looks like ... straw. On the other hand, with 100% natural extensions, you are quiet for 4 to 5 months.
Worse, some wicked salons offer wicks where the point of attachment is not based on keratin, but glue! Run away. You could look like Kojak the next day because the glue destroys the hair.

But still need the hairdresser to tell you ... And some prefer to earn more money at the risk of your hair ! A trick to flush out these nasty thugs from hair : check, before the installation, that the locks carry labels. It is the pledge that they were made with care and that they do not come from anywhere! There are only 3 really serious suppliers and all label their hair : Socap, Hairdreams and Greatlengths.
The number of locks needed and the price of a pose
For more length or volume, it takes on average 100 wicks. Count 3h of time for the pose. As for the price, expect between 500 and 600 euros. The technician must make a preliminary estimate that includes installation and maintenance. It is better to leave a day or two to think, once we have the quote, because it is a sacred investment ... It would be too silly to have your extensions removed after because you do not like. We will not refund you, as you say right now.
The deposit costs about 50 euros and it is, in general, free for those who ask new ones.
We fix them hot ...
By means of an iron, the technician melts the keratin from the point of attachment on a lock of your hairjust below the root, which fixes the extension in a flash. And hardened keratin is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Magical.
or cold!
We put small nuts a few millimeters from your roots and we slip wicks that are attached to your hair, with pliers. This is the method that spoils the least hair but which requires much more the scalp. If we are afraid of hair ", Forget about it right away. Ditto if your hair are fine because we would see the nuts easily. And at the slightest gust of wind, you would be unmasked! In this case, opt for the hot method.

Hair Dreams hair extensions dallas By Salon D (June 2024)