May 28, 2024

Hair her long hair: a hairdresser advises us

1- What are the hair trends for the spring-summer 2011 season?
Loops, very vaporous volumes see XXL! For the color, golden blondes come back in fashion as well as platinum blondes.

2- What to advise women tired of their long hair but still want to keep their length?
It is necessary to review the gradient by lightening the overlapping parts (the hair from above) and above all: give movement! There are several kinds of gradients, more or I pronounced according to his style-classical or not. To restore pep and relief we can also start with wicks ...

3- For hairdressing, what can be done simply to change your head?
-The ballerina bun revisited (the effect Black Swan!). He wears high enough and with large volumes and a falsely smoothed effect.
- The braid. It comes back again this summer but for a more original result it can be made in ears, burst on the side; for a styled-tousled style.
- Ponytail. An elastic is attached to the middle of the head (high enough) and falsely smoothed. Finally, just wrap a wick around the elastic to hide it.

4- Change your head without the help of a hairdresser is possible?
Some products can be used: playing with waxes or other styling products to accentuate a style, wear accessories such as knots or headbands.
The best solution is to cut yourself off regularly. hair to keep a stylized cut and beautiful volumes. If they are allowed to grow for a long time without cutting them, after a while the result is sad: a formless cut of severely damaged points. It is therefore in this case that we will get tired: because we are badly coiffés, while often just cut work lightness and redraw the contours faces may be just necessary to revitalize the cut.

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