June 23, 2024

Hair in winter: clean your hair with a shampoo

At first, opt for a shampoo adapted to your type of hair. For the hair Dry, rough and lacking in shine, put on a moisturizing shampoo. Those that have a dull color, without radiance, can apply a shampoo suitable for hair colored. Finally, those who have hair weak, thin and flat can turn to a volumizing shampoo.

Products :
Hydra active shampoo, Franck Provost, 250 ml, 13?
Elsève Total Repair 5 Shampoo, L'Oreal, 250 ml, 4.47?
100% Volume Urban Care Shampoo, Jean-Louis David, 250 ml, 12?

A shampoo well applied and used with care brings a beautiful material. Wet your head thoroughly and apply only a small amount of product to avoid weighing hair. Massage the roots with your fingertips and then the tips, avoiding rubbing them. The massage will activate the blood flow and allow the bulb to be irrigated. Lean your head back so that the shampoo slips. Take off your hair to allow them to air well and that the washing base is distributed perfectly. Add a trickle of water to lather. Wash them a second time unless you have them hair fat. The hair must be thoroughly rinsed (at least 5 minutes) otherwise they become dull and sticky.

The ideal is to wash the hair 2 to 3 times maximum per week to avoid aggression and to remove their natural protection. If you have them hair fat and that you shampoo every day, Georges Panisse, Manager of Jean-Louis David International Salon in Paris, advises to wash them only with water the second day.

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