June 9, 2023

Hair in winter: tips for treating dull hair

One of the keys to remedy hair dull: brushing that will remove dust and residue that tarnishes hair. Choosing a good brush is therefore essential. Hair professionals generally recommend a flat boar bristle brush and nylon brush that smoothes hair without attacking them. On average, brush them in the morning and at bedtime.

When shampooing, opt for a product that reveals the radiance and beauty of hair who rid the hair impurities and neutralize the limestone water that tarnishes the hair shaft. Then go to a conditioner or the appropriate care for hair dull.

Products :
Vitamin shampoo with citron pulp, Klorane, 5.70?
Fioravanti, Furterer, 10.90?

For the colored hair and malfunction, use a shampoo and a mask or specific care that prolong the brightness, intensity and beauty of colors.

Products :
100% Color Urban Care Shampoo, Jean-Louis David, 12?
Macadamia mask, Phytodess, 21?
Intense Gloss Gloss Spray, Syoss Algae, 5.20?

For rinsing, Georges Panisse, Manager of the Jean-Louis David International Salon in Paris, gives one of his tricks: mix half a lemon juice in a bowl of cold water and which will serve as the last rinse on the hair. Lemon as vinegar (but more fragrant) revives shine and cold water tightens the scales and protects them.

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