August 14, 2022

Hair: learn to cut his bangs

You can cut your fringe sure hair dry or wet. Attention, a fringe wet shortens one centimeter while drying. It is better to avoid cutting it too short.
Paint your fringe forward, separating it well from the side locks. Thus released, it forms a triangle. Tie back the rest of the hair.

For a fringe squared, set the fringe with an adhesive tape, from temple to temple, at the height you want to keep. Then, cut throughout this tape the hair that exceed.

For a degraded fringeFirst, cut the center strand, straight, to the desired length. Cut the fringe on each side of this central lock, by bending the points towards the center. Then take each wick diagonally between two fingers, from the top of the head to the temple, and cut the ends to taper.

Our advice:
The secret of a good cut is the scissors! Use stainless steel scissors with sharp ends, about 15 cm, and microdentés for a degraded effect.

Feathered Layers Haircut Tutorial - How to Cut Feathered Bangs & Face Frame - TheSalonGuy (August 2022)