August 16, 2022

Hair: our tips to avoid forks

Forks is this division of the hair that appears at the tip ... Successive brushings, hairstyles tight, prolonged exposure to the sun, inadequate hair care alter the quality of keratin by causing forks.

To prevent forks, you must strengthen the keratin of your tips to prevent their formation. For this, you can apply on your tips previously moistened a hair care cream rich in vitamins that will strengthen the keratin of your hair. Then massage your lengths and let it sit for about 30 minutes, covering your hair a towel or better, aluminum paper ...

Regularly, practice oil baths on your damaged hair : wheat germ oil, sweet almond, olive, sesame ... are full of vitamins and are ideal for nourishing the hair.

Apply one of these oils in generous amounts on the hair and let rest for an hour at least, covering your head with a hot towel.

Food supplements used in treatment for at least three months can help you fortify your hair. They are particularly effective in making them more resistant and will accelerate their regrowth.
Another beauty tip : avoid rinsing hair in warm water and prefer warm water. Pass the tips in cold water to strengthen them.
Our advice
The more adventurous will dare to apply mayonnaise on their spikes, wrapped with aluminum foil before shampooing them and to let rest half an hour! This homemade recipe is highly recommended for hair very dry, but you have to dare ...

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