April 17, 2024

Hair spray: how to choose the right one?

The danger of improper use of lacquer is the cardboard effect, with small white particles that look like dandruff. To avoid this disaster, follow our advice.

The first tipin terms of choice of lacquer, it is to respect above all the nature of the hair. There are lacquers for all hair of all women! As a hairspray tends to dry out hair, the hair dry people really have an interest in using a lacquer designed for them.

The second tipis to keep the use of lacquer for what it is intended: namely the finish of a hairstyle. Sprayed at 30 cm, it helps the hairstyle to hold as a whole. If you are looking for volume, use a styling mousse. To fix a wick, the gel is the most suitable. To hold hair short, it is also towards the frost that you have to turn. But for your bun to stay in place all day, it's the lacquer you need!

To hold a blow dryLacquer also displays an unparalleled talent. Sure hair still wet, spray a thin film of lacquer and wrap the wicks on a round brush. Dry with a hair dryer. The effect is natural but the remarkable performance.

To hold a hairstyle effectively, the lacquer must be sprayed 30 cm from the hairstyle. The effect remains natural. On the other hand, you can slightly emphasize moving bits. Note "slightly", otherwise you risk the headphone effect!
Our beauty tip
The hair lacquered frequently should be washed every other day and, especially, be brushed every night before falling asleep! Otherwise you risk preventing your hair and your scalp to breathe.

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