August 14, 2022

Hair: stop the received ideas!

1 ° If I am allergic to ammonia, I make a natural color
You can not be allergic to ammonia, you are allergic to coloring pigments. These are identical in a natural color, even without ammonia. The allergy is often manifested by a Quinke's edema, which will also declare with a color without ammonia. Normally, hairdressers should do a test touch before. The only solution for these clients is to make a non-contact coloring with the scalp: a color sweep.

2 ° Summer I protect my hair from the sun with natural oils (argan, olive ...)
The only way to protect the hair from UV is to use a specific product with natural vegetable oils do not even protect from dehydration due to the sun! There is no advantage to putting on it. To keep for cooking!

3 ° I wash my hair with a shampoo for baby because it's sweet
A shampoo for babies is studied for babies, it has a neutral pH and an inefficient washing power on an adult hair. While adult shampoos will seek to get rid of fat in the roots, a baby with no sebum, these shampoos do not wash enough, they are unsuitable.

4 ° I do not care hair conditioner nor of hair mask because it weighs down my hair
The treatments are adapted and created in line with the type of hair and are not made to be applied to the roots. So, if it is well chosen, depending on the quality of the hair (dry hair, colored ....) and not the scalp, and that rinsed well, care has no reason to change texture hair when drying.

5 ° I use a shampoo or some hair care with chamomile to maintain my blond hair, highlighted or discolored
In these shampoosit is not chamomile that clears but the oxygenated water contained in the formula. It will deteriorate the fiber by brightening it, while it is already. In addition, chamomile is yellow with an orange tendency which brings reflections different from those made during the color, especially if the products are allowed to be applied, like warm reflections unsuited to an initial baby or Nordic blond color.

6 ° I let my care to rinse (mask ..) all night for a better efficiency
This is not dangerous for the hair but it will do nothing more: the care is studied for a few minutes. More is useless. In contrast, a specific night care studied for, yes.

7 ° I pass the smoothing plates on my hair naked
It is important to use a specific thermal protector because smoothing with heat can really hinder the hydration of the hair and the quality of the hair. Above all, do not use a smoothing product without a thermal protector, especially natural oils, which, on the contrary, protect them from heat and dehydrate them.

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