August 14, 2022

Hair straightening in 10 questions

1. What is hair straightening? It is a process that aims to stiffen rough and recalcitrant hair, thanks to chemicals or, to a lesser extent, of natural origin.

2. Do you need a straightener?
If your hair is impossible to control and very frizzy, it can help you have more choices to style your hair.

3. What straightening do I do if I have mixed hair (medium curly)?
You can purchase kits of smoothing (l'Oréal) which do not attack the hair, otherwise you can do the straightening said American (cold and without soda), which gives good results.

4. What straightening for my afro hair?
Japanese smoothing, the Yu ko overcomes of all recalcitrant hair. Very expensive, it is a permanent method that modifies the original structure of the hair.

5. What is the frequency of maintenance of volunteers?
It all depends on the nature of your hair, if your hair is excessively kinky, every 2 months, moderately kinky every 4 months ...

6. How to maintain your straightening?
It is advisable to use specific products and adapted to your straightened hair.

7. What is the ideal method of smoothing?

The Yu ko suitable for all types of hair: Afro, mixed race, Maghreb and even European ...

8. Are there any precautions to take before?
Avoid washing your hair at least a week before.

9. How to make your hair relax?
Your hair should not have been straightened before ...

10. What are the contraindications to straightening?
If your hair is discolored or noticeable, ask your hairdresser before.
Our advice
Opt for Japanese straightening, this is the method that best respects your hair, especially since the maintenance of regrowth is done every 8 months ...

Question and Answers Round for Straightening videos by Sam Ma'am from Sam and Jas Mumbai (August 2022)