April 20, 2024

Hair style: Fringe or not bangs for this autumn?

Dress code fringe of the fall-winter 2011-2012

A "feather and tapered" fringe
For the fall-winter 2012 season, the fringe is in the spotlight. Exit them fringe thick at Mireille Mathieu, time is up fringe slight, fine almost aerial. To be totally trendy, opt for a fringe rather long, tapered that will highlight your face and caress your eyes. We also love the fringe asymmetrical on ultra thin hair. It gives a playful and offbeat side. Ideal on a short square!

A wild fringe
Out the never-ending brushings, the "it-fringe" must be easy to comb. The must of the season: the natural! So let your hair breathe and avoid attacking it with your hair dryer. Same for the fringe, we leave it in wild version, and we play thoroughly the map of the hidden-unveiled.

The top of the trend: The bangs on cut boyish
Long, medium or short hair, the fringe is the trend hairstyle which sticks to all cuts. If you are the queen of the "fashionista", you will choose to make a fringe on a boyish cut. The cut to the feminized boy by a fringe is here hairstyle so sexy of the season!

Fringe, pros and cons
Attention, the fringe even if it is not going to everyone! Follow our advice if you want to avoid hair loss.


We say no to the fringe.
It is not recommended on curly or curly hair because curly hair tends to rise and curl at the slightest drop of moisture. So avoid turning into a poodle! We say no to the fringe if you do not take care of your hair. The fringeit takes work. Every two months or so, expect small retouching.

We say yes to the fringe.
The fringe allows to hide the nascent wrinkles on the fact that we would do well and in addition, it is cheaper than botox. So it is a very good plan especially in times of crisis. Do not forget also that the fringe tends to rejuvenate the face.
The fringe is also ideal for teens who unfortunately experience the painful acne period. The fringe will hide the little pimples that invade the forehead.
The bangs that suits you
Be careful, you have to choose a fringe which matches the shape of your face. Karine, expert at Jean-Louis David gave us her advice.
If you have an oval face, it's great. Short, long thick or thin, all fringe you will go!
If your face is long, go for a fringe side and long.
For square faces, prefer a fringe asymmetrical long enough to soften your face.
Those with a rounded face will choose a fringe rather short and degraded to lengthen the face.


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