December 9, 2019

Hair: the blond at the top of the summer!

From the square, to the short, through the curls, it is the blond who largely dominates the hairstyles trends of this summer! No need to doubt your new color! The blonde takes his place on our heads.
Discover the different blondes that will make you the most fashionata of the summer!

Blondes squared


For those who do not dare to go through the box "hydrogen peroxide", you can simply adopt a clear bright blond. If this color carries you, it will have a rather ashy base for the rendering to be perfect.

haircut Franck Provost


Even more clear, here is the platinum blonde trend for your holidays. On a platinum blonde also glamorous, the square perfectly surrounds the oval of the face and is embellished with a bangs. Simple to re-hair: on wet hair, apply a mousse fixante and voila!

haircut Coiff & Co

Blondes with short hair


No need to go looking for your style with this haircut short and platinum blonde! The blonde comes to give character to the face and wears hair / tousled. No blow-dry, no elastic, you'll be quiet all summer long!

haircut Michel Dervyn


This haircut to the boy is capped forward. The blonde, less platinum than most cuts this summer, wants a little more discreet. All you have to do is find your style.

haircut Lothmann

Blondes with curly hair


On this haircut squared, the natural material is taken again in sophisticated blow-dry. On a degraded square, the platinum blonde is mixed with beige ash that enhances the whole. In the end, this blonde platinum gives an effect "urban amazon", ultra contemporary!

haircut Top Model Hairstyle


Length on beautiful blond ripples: what more romantic to wear the summer with pride! In contrast to trendy cuts like the square or the short straight, this haircut long will give the pace.

haircut Intercoiffure

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