April 17, 2024

Hair: we have tested Biocyte Strong Professional Keratin Smoothing

Long-lasting smoothings are definitely worth it. So much so that in addition to being able to realize them in salons of hairstyle in different forms (brazilian, japanese, korean ...), we can now do it ourselves directly from our bathroom. Really smoothed them hair ? Yes, but in the idea, the home kits correspond to a Brazilian smoothing. Either a care that will nourish the fiber by recharging it with keratin and relax the fibers. So, do not expect once the process done, to find yourself with stiff lengths like chopsticks. The Brazilian smoothing facilitates the work of brushing but does not replace it.
To help you in your quest for perfect home smoothness, check out Pauline's thoughtful review, who tested the Biocyte Smoothing Kit on her curly hair.
Pauline's review:
Top: The first thing that struck me when I prepared to do my smoothing was the smell. To be more precise, the product smells good. And if it aroused me it is that it is rarely the case of the other kits of smoothing at home, from which emits a strong chemical smell rather unpleasant. I also loved the texture of the care, easy to apply and not flowing. She is also very gentle with the scalp. A revolution in this area, because smoothing care is often irritating to the skin and it often ends with itching.
At the first post-smoothing shampoo, the verdict is pretty positive, my hair are soft and smoother. Even my hairdresser, who sees me often, could not believe it; she spent half as long as usual hair.
Flop: On the other hand, I had a hard time appreciating the post-treatment shampoo, which did not seem to me to be enough nourishing to give pep's back to my hair after smoothing.
I think that whatever the smoothing kit chooses, it is better to invest in good products to maintain the result. Care without sodium sulphate, a mask and a care without rinsing applied to each shampoo, it is the key to preserve the effects of the smoothing longer.
Professional Smooth Keratin strong, Biocyte, 95 euros.

Keratin Express (April 2024)