May 23, 2022

Hair: what are the blower brushes really worth?

Between the hair dryer, round brushes of different sizes, hair straighteners and curling irons ... Hairdressers accumulate in our bathroom. So do we really need to add another one? That's a bit of the question we asked ourselves when writing about blower brushes. Quèsaco? A traditional brush revisited so that air at variable temperature passes through the pads and accelerates the drying of hair freshly washed and dewatered. To use it, simply drag the device from the roots to the ends like a normal brush. And since the temperature of the air is adjustable and less powerful than that of a straightener, even used several times a week, the lengths are not damaged. Question budget, between 30 and 60 euros depending on the model, you can choose between a flat version (detangling brush) and a round version (brushing brushing).
To give us an opinion on the issue of blower brushes, we decided to test two brushes: a flat and a round brush and this on two textures of hair, smooth and curly. Verdict?

Chloé's opinion (smooth and medium length hair) - Babyliss Paris flat fan brush

First advantage of this brush: its grip, very easy. Simply "clip" the chosen head on the tip and turn on the device. I used the brush coming out of my shower, after washing and spinning my hair. The drying was rapid, about 10 minutes, for a rather long mid-length hair. And the effect pleased me a lot. This was not a blow-dry baguette with hair Ultra-smooth. But a flexible version. As if I was leaving the hairdresser's. Other bonus: my hair soft and shiny. I had previously sprayed a thermo protective spray on my hair, to avoid assault (because the brush is here glued to hair). The temperature was not too high, however, and I did not feel like "cremating" my hair. I also tried the round brush. Small disappointment: she does not turn. But I still could draw my tips with this tip. To give you an idea of ​​the result, it gives, roughly, the movements of hair Jennifer Aniston Friends. However, I have not tested the last tip, intended to give volume, because my hair are already thick and provided. In conclusion, this product is, in my eyes, a good compromise between straightener and hair dryer. It puts your mane in shape quickly and allows you to get a result at home. All at a very affordable price. Go for it!
The Remington brush XX


Loreleï's review (curly or medium hair) - la flat blower brush from Babyliss Paris It's been a long time since I wanted to test blower brushes. But with my curly hair, I hesitated. I was afraid that the brush was not powerful enough to discipline and smooth them. And imagine finding myself with hair half stiff, half curly did not enchant me more than that. The problem is that now that my hair over the shoulders, I have a little trouble to smooth them all alone, and I spend a lot of time. The straightener? If it did not hurt so much my hair already of very dry nature, it would be perfect. Go for the blower brush. I turn it on and there miracle, its round brush slides alone in my hair. And in 10 minutes chrono, my hair are not only dry, but also smooth. Forget the stiffening stick wand, with the blowing brushes, we obtain a flexible material and which keeps motion. In short, the ideal look everyday. I just noticed that my roots were not really plated but I think that using the round brush, I would have managed to tame them in the long run. Like Chloe, I have not tested the volume accessory, I have enough naturally. I do not doubt that it works and I did not really want a 70's hairstyle ... The only (small) defect I find in this brush is the fact that a pre-drying tip would have been the icing on the cake. As proof, I now use the brush with each shampoo. When you know me, we know that it's exceptional that I find so much motivation for my hair. The Remington brush XX I thought, as a great novice of the blower brush, that the models with round brushes turned on themselves, so as to facilitate your task. But in fact no. Well, in fact, use it to smooth the hair Remains much simpler than when you have to wriggle by pulling on the lengths with the hair dryer in one hand and the round brush in the other. With this model, I proceeded as for a classic brushing, separating my hair in different layers to smooth wick. The operation took me about 15 minutes, after which I managed to get a soft hair, but without too much movement. What I managed to change with the other two models of brushes, less wide and are perfect to give tone to the tips and wicks that surround the face. For this type of brush as for a classic brushing, I think that with experience, we get very beautiful effects. Flat fan brush, Babyliss Paris, 49.90 euros. Round blower, Remington, XX euros.

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