June 23, 2021

Hairstyle back to school: Vanessa Hudgens short boyish haircut

The pretty brunette more and more femme fatale chose the short cut A few weeks ago ... Farewell to the long curly locks of bimbo, welcome to short hair stylish "tomboy"!



So, Vanessa Hudgens can afford some style liberties: fringe raised, plated, smoothed, fofolled lengths ... This haircut Boyish is so malleable that the actress and girl do what she wants.



Here she strolls the streets of Los Angeles, wearing an extra long skirt and a top to fringe, back in our dressing rooms ... The brunette asserts his style more and more cool and bobo, we love!

The start of the 2011 school year confirms the return of short cut which definitely will never go out of style! And for a touch of femininity, the essential is in the lengths on the top and on the fringe. The neck can stay quite short but the top of the hairstyle must remain provided!

Short Hairstyles for Girls - Cute Haircuts for Girls to Put You on Center Stage (June 2021)