December 10, 2019

Hairstyle of the day: AnnaLynne McCord on the set of 90210

The days follow each other and are not alike for the pretty AnnaLynne McCord. Sometimes sexy wrestler in the sand, sometimes starlet of a magic show, the actress will stop at nothing to bring spice to 90210, the series in which she holds one of the key roles since 2008.


As Season 4 lands on the CW on September 13, the actress was seen on a beach in Los Angeles, shooting a scene where she seems to have turned into a magician's assistant.

A rabbit in his arms, a hoop on which to hoist himself, AnnaLynne McCord seemed very happy to shoot this new scene, where she appeared very sexy in her indented and glittered body and her skirt in dark pink tulle.


To go with this bright and showy outfit, the beautiful had chosen a hairstyle very retro and glamorous. When she had recently been seen as a brunette, AnnaLynne finally went back to blond (Phew!) And wore pretty curls, including a beautiful wavy wick that came to frame her face. To complete this pretty hairstyle, the starlet wore a sequined bibi surmounted by feathers. A magical beauty look!

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