June 23, 2024

Hairstyle of the day: Lady GaGa almost natural!

When Lady Gaga is not hidden behind a rainbow wig and a ton of makeup, she's just beautiful. It is rare to see it so, so enjoy in Little Monsters! Guest on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live where she sang two of her new songs You and I and The Edge of Glory, the pop star was all sober. Finally almost, do not forget that it is at Lady Gaga that we have to do ...


It is therefore in a black dress without embellishment but ultra plunging neckline and slit length to the top of the thigh that Lady Gaga has left the Château Marmont. To bring a GaGa touch to this chic outfit, the singer had chosen high boots and compensated in style SM.


More blonde than ever

Sobriety at the level of the look = sobriety for its beauty look. If we have known Lady Gaga fanatic wigs and make up improbable, last night the beautiful dared to show us her hair, totally discolored for the occasion and whiter than blond. No frills either in his hairstyle but one blow dry smooth and a ray in the middle. To dress her face, she had opted for a sexy eye liner, a dark red mouth, a fly on the right cheek and eyebrows completely peroxidized, see invisible!


And you, what do you think of this newsLady Gaga ? The calm before the storm or a real homecoming?


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