November 28, 2022

Hairstyle of the day: Lady GaGa and her very imposing headgear

No wig blue lagoon in sight but a cloth hat, rather intense to look at. Yesterday, Lady Gaga has made his own by leaving his hotel in a half-preppy outfit (for the scalloped collar) half-trash (for the panty glitter), always blonde and wearing a huge headdress as white and swollen as a wedding dress in white taffeta.


Doing in the half-measure has never been the credo of Lady Gaga and if she tries to assuage her outfits lately, the pop singer knows that sometimes you have to bet everything in props. A size accessory in this case ...


And you, what do you think of the big meringue in cloth raised by Lady Gaga yesterday in Manhattan? Quite awesome or real flop?

CUE Foster Board - Jules Wood (November 2022)