February 29, 2024

Hairstyle of the day: Lady GaGa and its turquoise square cut

When you receive an award such as the prestigious "Fashion Icon Award" that rewards our impact in fashion, you will also hit hard and point out to others why you deserve it.


So, Lady Gaga did not fail her reputation of crazy fashion arriving last night in a very extravagant outfit signed Thierry Mugler. The singer had donned a black transparent suit under a studded corset that left her bosom completely visible. A removable train and endless wedge shoes complemented this dark look.

As she does not miss one, GaGa was careful to remove her train when she was on stage. Thus, all the public could contemplate his muscular ass and his little thong, black, to stick with the rest of his outfit of course!


Little Gothic extraterrestrial
Side hairstyle, the singer of "Born This Way" did not surprise anyone with her wig turquoise. It must be said that it has accustomed us to more extravagant ... If the color is unlikely, it is like a glove GaGa who wears it with unfeigned insurance.

Thus, the turquoise associated with a pale complexion would almost make her a little sexy extraterrestrial or a cyborg escaped from an old SF movie. At the level of the lengths, we like the square well short although the long hair go much better to the singer.

Between the Taylor Momsen Gothic outfit and the Katy Perry pop tincture, GaGa decided not to pick and mix everything. In the end, a strange beauty look but so GaGaesque! To copy without hesitation during our next disguised evening.

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