June 23, 2024

Hairstyle: the trend is natural

Subtlety in the cut and color
According to Cathy Monnier, artistic director of hairdressers Saint Algue, "overall, the trend is natural. The color is limited to two or three tones, that's all. We are no longer in the air of trash, there is no question of mixing blond with black. "William Lepec, artistic director of Intermède Hairstyleexplains: "today, customers want a refined cut and color, with a lot of style and fluidity".
Respect for each person's personality
For Cathy Monnier, "let her have the hair short or long, a woman does not necessarily have to be fashionable, one must respect her personality, and give her the opportunity to choose. "For some seasons, customers have new requirements, and wish hairstyles who adapt not only to their personality, but also to their mood. According to William Lepec, "customers want to be able to wear several styles, a natural day, a day more structured, and the next day very sophisticated."

The return of the loop

After smoothing the hair women, hairdressers see the rise of a trend strong: the return of the loop. William Lepec even says "persuaded" that the permanent will soon return with modern techniques. This season, the voluminous and dynamic tendril is already in high visibility. According to Cathy Monnier, the goal is to have "beautiful smooth curls, with hair bright, and healthy. "

Sophisticated men
As has been the case for several seasons, the men have dropped the mower for hair longer. "Men follow the evolution of manners, and are more and more involved in their beauty," explains William Lepec. According to Cathy Monnier, they even "pay more attention than women to the care of their hairShe is also planning a big comeback in the spring.