July 12, 2024

Halle Berry and Nahla Aubry: beautiful mother and daughter

Dogs do not make cats, as the saying goes. We prefer to say that a beauty often generates a mini beauty! Watch the Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and his daughter Nahla Ariela. Bright, mum and her little girl are walking around in Griffith Park in Los Angeles with ease.

Caramel complexion, adorable smile, hair perfectly curly ... The little Nahla has for the moment the hair clearer than his mumbut between his sublime mum and his daddy model, the future offers him beautiful surprises beauty issue!

The little Nahla of almost two and a half years is indeed the daughter of the Canadian supermodel Gabriel Aubry. We are a fan of this little family so beautiful! Long live miscegenation and attention to future hearts broken by the pretty Nahla!

The family of Superstar Actress Halle Berry (July 2024)