May 13, 2021

Hand care: express manicure tips for women in a hurry

Manicure express at home
You do not go into a manicure without first removing his nail polish and clean the said nails with a special brush. Next step: tackle the image by working from the edge to the inside of the nail and always in the same direction. Avoid going back and forth because it damages the nail and choose a file in glass, other materials weaken the nail that can end up splitting.
Then soak your fingers in a bath of warm water to soften the cuticles. Add sweet almond oil to feed, lemon juice to whiten, essential oils or soap. After one or two minutes of dipping, wipe your hands with a towel without rubbing. Apply an emollient gel or an oil to the base of the nails and massage a few moments. The cuticles are ready to be repelled with a boxwood stick. If you find the operation uncomfortable, you can surround it with a little cotton.
Once the cuticles have been pushed back, the fingernail is polished to remove the rough edges, smooth the surface and make it brighter. This will also allow nail polish to better adhere and hold longer. We finish his manicure moisturizing hands, nails but also cuticles with specific care.

The madness of nail bars
Straight from the United States, New Yorkers are crazy, nail bars are now hand on this side of the Atlantic. A landing that is applauded with both hands. For these beauty salons of a new kind that can be done an express manicure can save life, especially the look of women in a hurry. No time to ask nail polish and especially to let it dry? We go to the beauty bar for a nail polish in 10 minutes (drying time included). The concept also seduces the clumsy pose who despite their intense concentration overflowing every time. For a mini price, they can finally enjoy a perfect manicure and that takes a long time. Beauty bars have beautiful days in front of them and our nails too.

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