June 13, 2024

Hanro lingerie, luxury to the skin

In 2004, HANRO of Switzerland launched its Perfectly Nude, a revolutionary line of seamless underwear. This lingerie was deposited like a caress on the skin while remaining almost invisible under the clothes. The seamless was born! The label is even printed in the fabric and not sewn inside, for more comfort and discretion.

Thanks to a new process, this lingerie The latest generation now uses two yarns of exclusive quality that offer maximum invisibility and comfort. Very innovative, the velvety interior of the inner rim is ideally suited for the most sensitive skin.
The New Perfectly Nude comes in two materials in white, black and flesh.
Perfectly Nude cotton velvet seduces with the light gloss of mercerized cotton and guarantees ultralight comfort thanks to the fineness of its mesh. Slightly opaque, it marries the body and ensures the modernity of its cuts a very feminine look.
Perfectly Nude micro velvet benefits from the ultrafine quality of the microfiber. Very modern, it offers a matte gloss and a particularly soft touch. This light and airy material brings a feeling of absolute well-being. Finally, it offers perfect support and fast drying.

From the high-waisted panties of Marylin Monroe (7 years of reflection) to the slim strapless tank top by Nicole Kidman (Eyes Wide Shut), the stars themselves have not been mistaken!
Combining innovation and timelessness, the brand has been offering for over 120 years a lingerie fine for woman and man through underwear and fine sleepwear. A timeless elegance!


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