May 28, 2024

Happy face makeup tip, I tested the Dye Bar

Beauty addict or not, there is a gesture that I still do not control perfectly: makeup complexion. So I decided to go for a walk in a bar complexion. These mini "makeup schools" that flourish in the make-up shops and allow you to learn the gestures of a perfect complexion while being pampered.

For this skin zero defect operation, I have an appointment in the new shop Make Up For Ever which has just opened in Paris, in the heart of the Marais. I sit at the bottom of the shop, where was installed a Make Up School, in front of a mirror and the make-up artist goes to work. She makes me up while explaining me the products and their use. This is not a real class because the makeup artist does all the work. But neither is it a simple makeup, the make up artist being very didactic and also answering all my questions. We are here to be beautiful but also to learn. The interest is to be able to reproduce all the gestures once alone at home.

The makeup tips peach skin...
Before starting to work your complexion, apply a moisturizer. We then put a base of complexion that allows the makeup to adhere better and hold longer. With a small nylon brush, the makeup artist applies a green corrector on the imperfections in very small doses to neutralize the redness, then a light beige on top to camouflage them. We can then apply the foundation. Brush for a natural result, sponge for more coverage. The material is always placed from the inside of the face outward, stretching. To avoid demarcations, do not forget to fade well on the ears and neck.
In order not to remove the correctors that have just been put on the imperfections, one taps little by little the matter on these zones. Pay attention to the application of the foundation under the eye but also on the eyelid to standardize and hold the makeup longer. Finally, we put a concealer a lighter tone than the foundation under the eye, in the inner corner of the eye before stretching outward, always tapping. If imperfections are still visible, concealer camouflage is possible.

The blush then poses in circular motions from the temple, on the top of the cheekbones for a softer finish and a doll side or in the hollow to carve the face. We finish with a point of illuminator on the top of the cheekbones and on the temple, at the level of the eye.

Last touch of this complexion makeup, a veil of transparent loose powder deposited with kabuki brush to matify and fix the makeup. And now, in 25 minutes the trick is played. I arrived with the pale complexion and I leave with a baby's skin and good actions in mind.

Focus Course (Complexion, Eyes or Lips): 25 min, 25?.

Shop Make Up For Ever
5 rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris 4th
01 42 71 23 19 

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