April 10, 2021

Harper Beckham, baby fashionista dressed in Capt'n Turtle

Harper Seven is the only daughter of the couple Victoria Beckham and David Bechkam, as this is the youngest one, we imagine that she is very pampered. Victoria Beckham is very attentive to her own look as well as that of her husband, whom she has relooked from head to toe. As for her daughter, we dare to imagine that she wishes to inculcate her sense of style. No sooner was she born than one could already see her in the arms of her mother strolling in the shops of great creators. Since her mother is a designer herself who is starting to make her way into the elite of fashion, Harper has no choice but to make a sensation every time she appears.
The little Harper Seven is wearing a set signed Capt'n Turtle, we literally fall for this outfit. This little printed jumpsuit is very summery, it even wears a matching bandana. She is adorable !

Its set costs 39 euros and is signed Capt'n Turtle.

Victoria Brings Adorable Baby Harper to NYC For Fashion Week (April 2021)