October 25, 2021

Harry Potter saga: approaching the theme of death with his children

The ultimate volume of the Harry Potter saga (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) has just been published in the English language. This opus features the death of characters to which fans of the series, composed largely ofchildren, are strongly attached.

Dr. James Clark, a specialist in psychology at the University of Kentucky in the United States, considers in an article that the state of sadness in which children will be at the time of death of the characters is a good opportunity for their parents to address the theme of death. According to him, it is obvious that the death of these characters will have repercussions on the followers of the saga. Some children will need to talk about their emotions, and their sadness.

Answer children's questions

James Clark advises parents to answer their questions children, and especially not to avoid the subject. He considers that this feeling of loss can be the ideal occasion to explain what death means, and thus to prepare them for certain events in life. The goal is to make the death of a character "a useful event, not disabling".

This experience could for example help children to overcome "the death of a loved one or even a domestic animal" when this happens.
It can even be useful if thechild do not talk about the book, ask him questions about what he feels and what he understands. "For some people children, fictional characters are like real people "explains the psychologist.

French children will discover the French version of the book on October 26, under the title '' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ''.

Source: University of Kentucky, July 19, 2007

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