August 15, 2022

Have the baby book printed for lasting memories

What to put there?
Be creative! You do not have to stick to simple photos of babyas beautiful as it is. You can also insert, for example, pictures of yourself before the birth of your little one, or even pictures of the fetal ultrasounds, the birth announcement, the silhouette of his hands or feet at such or such age ...

A good idea is also to take a picture of baby each week, in the same position and at the same place, to better observe his physical changes. Do not forget to collect anecdotes to be included in the album: circumstances of birth, first exit, first smile ...
Beauty is in the details
Be careful when defining your photos: if you want to print them on large pages, their resolution must be sufficient. And when you have all the necessary raw material, it will be time to take an interest in shaping.

There are number of formats and finishes available for albums baby, between the type of cover and binding, the paper finish, the number of pages ... It all depends on the use you want to make: beautiful family book, or small souvenir book to slip into a purse . There are even cloth books, especially for baby himself!

How to choose ?
You will find many providers over the internet, most of which offer their own layout software to download. After choosing a basic structure, just be guided to choose photos and virtual scrapbooking. Have fun!
Do not rely solely on the price to choose your provider, you might regret the quality of printing. Also consider delivery times, software flexibility, accepted photo format, available backgrounds, cost of extra books ... Our favorites?,,, //

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