February 29, 2024

He does not want to engage, testimonials: "Commitment, its worst nightmare!"

Caroline, 29: "He is against marriage and does not want to talk about children"

"I've been with my man for five years, everything is fine with us except that he refuses to get involved, and as soon as I talk to him about marriage or children, he gets angry or changes the subject. do not know what to do, I have been waiting for over two years and still nothing on the horizon to make me hope ... I know that marriage is not the only way to say "couple", but I dream to give me the ring on my finger Since he says he loves me, it should not be a test for him I'm very afraid that he never decides to make me a child If in three years nothing has changed, I will leave ... "
Alexia, 24: "Because of him, our love is more like improved friendship"

"I need commitment to evolve my relationships, it's important for me, I've been dating Loïc for seven months now, we see each other several times a week, we get on well, we're accomplices. , the sex is great, he gives me small gifts, BUT, he refuses to recognize that we are in a relationship.According to him, we only have fun and do good, it makes me unhappy, I I like it, I know it's reciprocal, but it makes our beautiful story stand for something unimportant, as if we were improved friends, fucking friends, I suffer a lot, it will have to change "

Stay in - or Leave - a Relationship? (February 2024)