August 16, 2022

Heart sorrows

narrated the misfortunes of Minty Malone, Tiffany Trott, Rose Costello and Miranda Sweet, Isabel Wolff reveals us this time "The loves of Laura Quick". They do not start cheerfully, because Laura is in the midst of mourning: she is struggling to recover from the death of her husband, Nick. The return of his ex-fiancé, Luke, always so attractive, could help him to console himself, if he was not so complicated and ... married.
With a keen sense of derision, the author manages to make laugh with these difficult subjects, that enamel of professional vicissitudes. Indeed, Laura, rather unconventional, is offered a job as a TV presenter. It's not really what she dreamed about, but her boss loves her sense of repartee and admires her general culture. You see, everything is not so bad for her!
The loves of Laura Quik, Isabel Wolff (JC Lattes), 18?

The Sorrows - Take A Heart (August 2022)