May 30, 2020

Heaven, a man under my roof: how to start life with two

Choose an emotionally neutral apartment
For your nest tolove does not transform into a house of bitterness in a few months, better to first opt ​​for an apartment that has no "pass? neither for one nor for the other. So, we avoid taking the F2 in which you have lived a crazy passion with your ex for years or Darling, a painful story with his. Otherwise, bad waves and / or cumbersome ghosts could come parasitize your daily life ...

Streamline the occupancy of your square meters
Are you moving in together? The idea is not to transpose exactly the entirety of your previous apartments in this one but to create a new one, with a new personality. So sort, throw, give ... Make sure not to cannibalize the other, especially if the surface you have is not very large.

Work on the material and administrative details

Another prerequisite for your life together is to engage in this adventure with pragmatism. Yes, we prefer to blitz rather than negotiate to know who will pay for electricity or shopping. But these are nevertheless considerations that must be addressed from the start, on pain of even giving rise to rancor (in the person who pays for everything) or an impression of impunity (in the person who benefits from the situation).

Do not trivialize your verbal exchanges
So if you need to find common ground on concrete issues, this should not be your only topic of conversation. So, yes, we can talk about property tax, the date the plumber or the agent responsible for disinsecting the building will come in, but we also continue to talk aboutlove and projects for two. Beware of Raymond and Huguette Syndrome!

Keep an intimate space for everyone
Keep in mind that it is not because you are settled together that you are bound to merge totally, not to go out or to think of only two. You still have the right to indulge in your restaurants with your friends each Wednesday, he go to drink a beer in the evening with his friends. And even in the apartment, you do not have to be stuck tight all the time. This is because you look Mad Men in one room doing your nails and him, one DVD in the other as your feelings will go downhill. Morality: give yourself air!

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