August 15, 2020

Helena Christensen displays her pretty shapes for Triumph

Top model of the 90s, became a star thanks to the sexyssime clip of Chris Isaak, Helena Christensen becomes themuse for the brand of lingerie Triumph who launches a new line, luxury, Triumph Essence. This collection has 27 different pieces grouped into five series.
There is a petrol line for any style at any time.

Luxurious Essence - lace, satin microfiber and beautiful finishing details
delicate like a lovely classic placket button gentleman that give this collection the appearance of a vintage treasure and the feeling of unconditional comfort. The look evokes Sophia Loren or Madonna and includes several bras, briefs and a trendy corset dress.
Elegant Essence or the elegance of the seam, combined with a well-made fit. This series features bras, briefs and a silky and wavy nightie. It uses an artfully stretchy embroidery for a chic look. The cuts create a sexy couture look with "V" details.
Seductive Essence - strips of sensual embroidered guipure, a feminine embroidered tulle and a
Stretchy and shiny material combines volute designs with chic and decorative pleats. This series features pretty and delicate details with transparent and sexy bibs.
Mysterious Essence - high quality woven jacquard and beautiful
extensible embroidery as well as vintage details such as a rosette applied to create a
evocative aesthetic strongly imprint of femininity.
Sparkling Essence - this special Christmas series magnifies the stylish aura of Triumph Essence in
shades of black, red and shiny silver gray. The series (bras, panties, seductive
corset and luxurious interior elements embellished with floral modal) shows a splendid
an abundance of glamorous elements such as fine and light guipure braid, shiny stretch material and very light sexy fishnet. Attractive accessories, for example in the form of rhinestones, showcase and
celebrate the richness of the senses.

"Triumph Essence" Luxury Collection (S/S 2012) (August 2020)