May 29, 2023

Help! My child is not clean for school

It's been several months since you tried to put your child on the pot. If he has understood the interest of this object, he stubbornly refuses to sit on it. To believe that he does it on purpose ... Yes!
Your toddler, so far the "baby at his mum", understood that in a few weeks, he will have to go to school and thus separate from you or the nanny.But this does not charm him.He dreads kindergarten and does not want to leave this situation well It's no wonder that your toddler strives to not be clean and secretly hopes to stay with you and be pampered for a long time.
Valuing "the big ones"
To make your child to go to school, start by reading some stories that address the subject. Then, value the positive points: "At school, you will make new friends, you will have a nice teacher, and you will learn many things ". He is still not convinced? List all the advantages to be great: go to the cinema, buy such toy ...
At the end of the conversation, slip a few sentences like: "The big ones, they have the right to go to the amusement park "," When you go to school, I'll buy you this bag Cars "," In kindergarten, I heard that the children reproduced a prehistoric cave by putting their hand in painting to paint as before ... " Then, let him think.
Also insist that no matter what happens, he will not be able to go back to the nanny or stay at home. And this, even if he does not go on the pot. That era is over, whether he likes it or not. However, reassure him by insisting that even as he grows up, he will always remain your baby and you will continue to pamper him as before.
Get rid of diapers
In urgent situation, shock response. To mark the spirit of your childthrow the diapers clean in the trash with his help. A few days before, take care to discuss it with him and proceed with the operation together with his agreement. Then, replace the layers with slips "Like dad".
Rest assured
Also show patience. The training of cleanliness varies from one child to another. In addition, do not forget to value and congratulate your toddler every time he goes on the pot.
Finally, preschool directors and nursery teachers are familiar with the subject of cleanliness. Talk with them to try to solve the problem. But do not worry, children take example of their classmates. No need to put pressure on your toddler's shoulders. The cleanliness will come from itself.

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