December 10, 2023

Help, my child never lets go!

Thechild always remains very attached to his mother. Some suffer, apprehend a separation with the one who carried them for nine months. A child, girl or boy, always demands that she give her bath, that she dress him or that she reads stories to him every night. In these circumstances, it's not easy to resist the crying of your little one when he clings to your petticoats, yet it's very important to detach him from it.

Accompany and reassure your child
Leave her child to have fun, to give them toys and to let them play alone, these are the basic tips for child learn to have fun in his corner. He will spend his time caring, developing his imagination, taking possession of his toys (attention to toys, no small parts, some toys have standards to align with the safety rules for thechild depending on his age). when child plays, the role of his mum is above all to watch him and to take a look at what he does during his activity.

when child claim his mum constantly, refusing anyone to accompany him to school or to the nursery, it is necessary to remind him that it is not for him to decide, that he will review his mum later, and especially that you do not abandon it.

The day-care center: a place of socialization?
The drop-in center can also allow thechild to get out of your petticoats. These public or private structures provide for a system of custody ofchildren (under 6 years) for a few hours, or even half a day. The children are guarded by qualified personnel. A good way for your children to socialize, to spend time with others. He will also be able to see on this occasion that he is surrounded by other children who live the same situation. The town halls are entitled to inform you about these structures.

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