October 22, 2021

High fashion in 10 questions

1) What is Haute Couture?
Haute Couture is the sector where the creators of the big fashion houses practice.

2) Can any fashion designer take this name?
Haute Couture is an appellation legally protected by the French Federation of Haute Couture.

3) What are the criteria of a Haute Couture house?
The sewing work must be carried out in the own workshops of the fashion house; houses must participate in a certain quota of parades and use a well-defined surface of tissues ...

4) What is Haute Couture for?
It contributes to the reputation of major brands and is primarily used to market ready-to-wear lines, accessories and perfumes ...

5) Does it play a role in the creation of commercial lines?
It prefigures the trends of tomorrow and plays an avant-garde role, ready-to-wear lines are inspired.

6) What is ready-to-wear?
It refers to all garments that are not made to measure but in a standardized way.

7) Who invented Haute Couture?
It is a British, Charles Frederick Worth who invents Haute Couture in the 1860s ...

8) When did she appear in France?
In the 60s, houses Dior, Lanvin, Chanel... create their fashion houses to establish the prestige of their brand ...

9) Who are the customers of these brands?
Only a few hundred women in the world can buy these coins that can reach dizzying amounts, up to more than 100,000? !

10) What is the difference between parades Ready-to-wear and Haute Couture?
Haute Couture houses offer know-how with unique pieces, unlike ready-to-wear.
Our advice :
If like most of us, you can only dream in front of the prestigious Haute Couture models, turn to affordable Zara-style brands, which reproduce some high-end ready-to-wear lines: bags, shoes , clothes ...

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