May 28, 2024

High tech beauty: Products that massage!

The benefits of the microphone massage
Did you know ? Massage the skin by tapping or pinching, accelerate exchanges, relax the skin and restart the micro circulation. On the body or the face, a massage is always beneficial because by stimulating cells and exchanges between them, this simple gesture prevents aging and improves the appearance of the skin. This is why it is advisable to apply for example slimming care by upward movements (upward) or imitating the gesture of rolling palpate. A care applied by massage will act more effectively than alone because it allows, in addition to acting directly, to make the skin more receptive to the assets of the formula, in addition to being stimulated.

The massage tips
Far from replacing a massage Manual, these massage tips and stimulating rolls offer a fairly pro gesture because they are designed to mimic the movements of pinches made during care institutes. On the face, they relax the skin and have a detox effect through the action on the lymphatic circulation which gives a fresh and smoothed complexion.
On the body, they dislodge cellulite they decongest, which stimulates trade, an essential effect to reduce it naturally. More advanced, there are also mesotherapy kits that consist of promoting the spread of the product on the surface of the skin with a roller adorned with micro needles. Inspired by aesthetic medicine protocols, painless, this treatment gives visible results on the firmness of the skin, its brightness and elasticity.

How to use it?
Just follow the indications of the product. In general, no need to press too much, the tips are designed to take the skin and roll it without having to force the gesture. It is advisable to always go upward to tighten the features of the face and to unclog tissues on the body side. To use with the product that allows to slide the tip, but also dry for the rollers that act by pinching imitating the palpate roll.
Attention: the tip does not always stay very clean in the end, take care to rinse well!

Cosmence Facial Stimulator, Club des Créateurs de Beauté, 7,90?
Mixa Anti-Water Slimming Gel, 14?
Perfect slim professional lift, L'Oreal, 21,10?
Roll On Cellulite Rebelle Double Effectiveness, Body Tonic Garnier, 11.50?
Exit Cellulite Lipo-Sculpting Roller, Cosmence, 30? at the Club of Beauty Creators
Mesothérapist, face cell stimulation program, 99? and Meso-sculpt, anti cellulite program, Filorga,

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