October 5, 2022

High-tech mascaras for velvet glances

The mascara is the essential of any makeup kit that respects itself. He has the power to intensify the look in a few brush strokes, and that women have understood. That's why cosmetics brands are innovating and trying to offer ever more length and volume, the essential duo to have a velvet look.
So, brushes are new generations. Their purpose is to pose the mascara eyelash, without leaving a packet. Brushes take all forms and lengths, round, small, elongated, and can catch all the lashes, from the top or bottom.
The brands also innovate by proposing textures ever more worked, allowing to lighten the eyelash and give it length and volume. The textures are also more waterproof for the summer, to enjoy the days of beaches in peace.
Finally, some brands offer new concepts. The mascara with corrective tip (at Avon) for those who every morning find themselves correcting the pose of mascara with cotton swabs. Others offer mascaras to the thermo-sensitive formula, which rinses with warm water (Stilla). Ideal for fragile eyes that do not necessarily appreciate the makeup removers. The High Tech Cosmetics brand will even propose a mascara whose enriched formula stimulates the growth of eyelashes, for longer eyelashes in just one month.
The mascara is therefore technological this summer, with ever more effective formulas for sophisticated looks. No need for false eyelashes, choose your mascara, even if you have several, depending on your needs and moods!
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