February 22, 2020

Highlights of pregnancy: 1st and 2nd months, the beginning of the great adventure!

Your medical appointments:
You must do the 1st compulsory prenatal examination: general and obstetrical as well as laboratory tests: search for blood group, Rh factor, syphilis, immunity against toxoplasmosis and rubella, examination of urine, HIV testing.

Precautions to take

- Pay attention to X-rays, medications (except paracetamol), and contagious diseases.
- Do not handle toxic products
- Stop the tobacco and alcohol.
- Beware of miscarriage: avoid overwork and heavy efforts that promote contraction of the uterus.


Make your pregnancy statement!
The doctor gave you the first consultation of your pregnancy statement. As soon as possible, and before the 15th week, send it: the pink section to Social Security and the two blue sections to the Family Allowance Fund. It opens your rights to medical care. You will then receive your maternity card.

Take care of yourself !
- Notify them stretch Marks ! From the beginning of your pregnancy, brush your belly, breasts, and legs with anti-cream stretch Marks. (Mustela creams 9 months specific to pregnancy) For heavy legs, Clarins Tonic Oil works wonders!
- To avoid the pregnancy mask, do not expose yourself to the sun. If you do, cover with total cream!
- The skin of the face is much drier, remember to moisturize it well, the cream Nutritic for dry skin of the Roche Posay is fantastic!
- For your hair, nothing to do! Under the effect of progesterone, they are brighter and thicker than ever. Small tip: from the 7th month of pregnancy, ask your dermatologist to give you a fall prevention treatment to prevent hair loss post delivery !